About Us

Primary Vision Care Services (PVCS) is a successful Oklahoma small business corporation that provides a unique vision care benefits plan "VisionAdvantage" in Oklahoma and other nearby states. It is a standalone or enhancement vision care plan that offers unlimited eye care services and wholesale vision eyewear.

The VisionAdvantage Plan is provided through a cooperative approach. The answer to "why does a cooperative approach to top quality vision care work?" is so easy that it often appears "too good to be true." Simply put, the PVCS concept works because it eliminates the more pressing frustrations while providing for the most basic needs of employers, employees, and service providers.

The employer is able to offer quality vision care at a reasonable cost at minimal administrative expense. The employer may choose to fund the premium fully or partially, or to offer to the employee through payroll deduction. The PVCS employer service contract is short, concise and written in clear business terms. Once under contract, the employer provides PVCS with the first month's payment and an initial listing of eligible employees. After that, all that is required is a monthly payment against submitted invoice and updates to employee eligibility. Clean, simple, direct administration is a key element of the organization's overall benefit plan.

The employee and family have a choice of local optometrists who meet the stringent PVCS selection criteria of service quality and plan accountability. There are no limitations to the frequency of office visits or quantity of covered services obtained. There is no requirement for time-consuming consultations, complex forms or other impediments to arranging for needed vision care services – just call and make an appointment with a local PVCS provider. Exams are at no additional cost and materials such as glasses or contact lenses are obtained at "wholesale prices."

The participating optometrist is able to work with each patient in an unconstrained environment. The PVCS plan places virtually no limits on its cooperating optometrists as to examination procedures, extent of testing, course of treatment, or selection of supporting laboratories, etc. It enables an independent optometrist, through participation in this unique cooperative, to continue to provide professional, personalized care under a compensation plan that is simple to administer yet pays a reasonable fee for his/her expertise.

Qualifications and Experience:
PVCS has been engaged in vision care services for 25 years. We know how to perform and deliver vision care services, having performed on over 100 contracts, using a significant network of in-state and out-of-state providers.