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Oklahoma residents open enrollment: September 1 through November 30 with benefits beginning January 1, 2024

We have served over 93,000 members and have over 783 providers/locations (optometrists and ophthalmologists) in our network.
What the Plan Covers
  • Eye exams covered at 100% (no co-pay)
  • New contact fittings co-pay $50 and gas permeable fittings co-pay $75
  • Unlimited number of routine eye exams (as needed)
  • Unlimited number of prescription glasses
  • Annual supply of contacts
  • Glasses and contacts allowed in same plan year
  • Savings up to $1000 on Lasik at nJoyVision in Oklahoma City
  • Prescription eyewear provided at wholesale*: prescription lenses, lens options, frames and contacts.
*Retail pricing is unpredictable in actual value whereas wholesale pricing causes the price to be consistent for all enrollees. Wholesale: a) the current catalog listed price in Frames Data magazine for eyeglass frames, or b) local or customary wholesale laboratory posted rate sheet for eyeglass lenses and options, or c) manufacturers or distributor’s published wholesale per lens or per case price for contact lenses, plus d) applicable shipping cost and sales tax rounded up to the nearest $5.
What the Plan Does Not Cover
  • Out-of-network providers
  • Medical eye care
  • Vision therapy
  • Non-routine vision eye services and tests (for details call 888.357.6912)
  • Non-prescription eyewear
  • Luxury* frames and premium lenses are discounted 20%
*Luxury frames/any frame with a wholesale cost of $125 or more and premium lenses/any lens with a wholesale cost of $375 or more.
How to Select a Provider
  • Go to www.pvcs-usa.com and select your provider or call us, 888.357.6912
  • Make your appointment
  • Provide your name, date of birth and social security number to the provider (no ID card required)
What the Provider Does
  • Provides your routine comprehensive eye exam
  • Provides prescription glasses and contact lenses
  • Selects lab of their choice resulting in quicker delivery of eyewear
  • Files your claim
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Our customer support staff
would be happy to assist you.
Call 888.357.6912 or email us.
We also have group rates through employers.
If your employer does not offer
a vision benefit plan, let us know,
we will contact them.